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Recently there has been a great emphasis on sustainability within modern business practice focusing on aspects such as environmental sustainability and social responsibility.


The perception of waste has changed over the past years. It was previously seen as the volume of commercial logs left in a compartment, but, must now be viewed as the energy for possible bio-fuel left behind. We are currently researching the possibility of utilizing the fiber waste from our chipping operation for either the creation of bio-fuel or fertilizer.

Forestry Plant and Equipment are continuously trying to improve the work environment for all staff but particularly for staff member whom live on site by providing free staff rations, participating in a nutritious in field feeding scheme and by providing free staff transport for staff.
We are also extremely committed to providing a non-bias work environment and many opportunities for career advancement as we value promotion from within the company. All our employees are made to feel part of the “Forestry Plant” family which has resulted in a positive, motivated and dedicated team with a staff turn over of less than 1%. We have also implemented in house training objectives for career advancement and  an equity policy to create opportunities for female employees in a predominantly male dominated industry.